Sometimes I get bored with the way I’m running things around here and look to mix things up a bit. It’s happened again. This time, it meant bringing back the Coping Mechanism blog.

You’re soaking in it.

I have my stuff at a few different domains:

  1. This brand new blog. Running WordPress Ghost WordPress.
  2. My blog since 2000. Generated by Hugo. I’ll probably move the thousands of posts to and make an introduction and jumping off point. I have mixed feelings about this, but here we are.
  3. Roam Research. I have a public Roam database that I pour words into throughout the day. Nothing is edited, or even well-considered, for that matter.
  4. Short posts using the wonderful service.
  5. This was my wiki for quite a while. Built with TiddlyWiki, but now idle.

I’m afraid there will never be such a thing as The One True Blog for me. But, for now, I’ll be focusing my blogging attention here. There will also be random gibberish in Roam, and short posts at

There’s no real story behind why I’m doing this. It’s just that I’m currently bored with plain text and I’m looking to avoid the hassle of posting using Hugo, which runs I’m feeling very pointy-clicky again, so WordPress it is.

I asked around about domain name preferences, and it was a close race between and The former won, and it’s what I preferred anyway. So that worked out.

So here it is. Post number one at the new I hope you’ll stick around.