I finally did it. I broke this blog apart and archived 20 years of history.

You see, I still wanted it to live here at baty.net but I didn’t want to keep lugging around 20 years of posts every time I built or deployed or moved things.

So I started with a fresh copy of the theme, kept only the content from 2021, and moved all the archives to archive.baty.net. Yes, I understand that this means a bunch of broken links. I’m trying to find a good solution to that, but not letting it stop me.

Now I can use Netlify without waiting 5 minutes for builds to finish. I can more easily try new themes without worrying about old, broken frontmatter or shortcodes. I may even try using Forestry.io for writing posts.

I suppose I could change my mind any time by simply dragging the old ./content/posts/ folder back here, but let’s see how long I can resist the urge to do that.