I am once again having thoughts about only maintaining One True Blog™.

I know, it’s just another mood and it’ll probably change, but as I wrote a few days ago, I don’t feel like blogging lately. I’m wondering if this is partially because I’m exhausted by the decisions around publishing. Just last week I moved my other blog at baty.blog from Blot to Micro.blog and back again. This meant switching from using Emacs to edit posts to MarsEdit (and back). I maintain automation to support all of it, and keeping all those threads going has become less interesting.

I mean, this all used to be fun, right? It still can be fun, but less so, and less often. What if I just typed and hit Post and kept doing that over and over in the same place for a minute?

What if I did all this using WordPress here at copingmechanism.com?

(Of course I’ll still publish short posts on my Micro.blog site.)