Things have been stagnating around here. I haven’t felt like doing any capital-B Blogging. Rather, I’ve been pouring stuff into It’s just easier to have the daily notes tiddler open and type as I go. No need to come up with titles or worry about whether I have enough words put together to justify a new post. Writing blog posts is a Whole Thing™.

This blog started out as a place for me to share photos and their supporting processes and gear. Later, I combined it with my other blog(s) in an effort to consolidate my “presence”. Instead of writing more, which is what I expected to happen, I write almost never.

I love my wiki, but I’ve always been a blogger, and the wiki isn’t a blog no matter how much I treat it like one. Rather than letting it just sit here and idle while I figure out what’s wrong with me, I may experiment with different types of posts and a higher frequency. Maybe I’ll summarize the daily wiki content as a way to clean it up and make it available via RSS, since the wiki doesn’t have a feed. Or maybe I’ll just post links with tiny blurbs about them, like the good old days. Or maybe I’ll post a random photo from my archives every day.

Or, maybe I’ll let it languish, but I hope that doesn’t happen.