Long story short, I have successfully rationalized the purchase of a new iPad Pro and keyboard.

After a week or more of non-stop tinkering with nearly every bit of software on my Mac, I had a fit and decided to switch things up. I now have an iPad Pro (11-inch) with Smart Keyboard. The idea is that the software I use on iOS is less prone to tweaking. Plus, I’m not always futzing with shell aliases and other CLI tools just for fun. I’m not tempted by a 32-inch screen peppered with windows just begging me to play with them. I’m still thinking Reset to Defaults.

I just want to read and write. Maybe doodle a little. And I want to do it digitally and on paper. Hence, the “hybrid” idea.

So I have a limited-capacity device alongside my paper notebooks and index cards. I took over the unused upstairs bedroom (which used to by my office anyway) and cleaned out everything I don’t need. This is the first iteration. I’d like to keep it minimal so I’m not adding things until I feel I need them.