It seems I’ll never be able to decide where to publish my “Daily Notes” blog entries. I waffle between here on, the wiki, or my old blog dedicated to daily posts,

I’m once again leaning toward writing them on the wiki, since they can be back/linked to/from my other notes about everything. It’s also super simple to create posts there. And, for some reason they don’t seem to disappear down-river like they do on normal blogs like this one.

On the other hand, I quite like having all the stuff I write–most of it, anyway–in one place; here at So there’s that.

For the handful of you who read my sites any kind of regularly, where would you like the daily notes to go? And second, if you prefer them on the blog, should they be included in the main RSS feed? I don’t like polluting feeds with my usual circular interests, but maybe they’re useful to some.

Hit the ol’ reply link below and let me know what you prefer. Even if it’s “None of the above.” 😄

UPDATE: The overwhelming response was to leave the daily journals here at OK then!