I have always struggled with Hugo theming. I have some sort of mental block around its templating and content layout. My earlier theme, LoveIt, was nice enough, but I could not make heads or tails of how it worked. There was too much magic for my taste, so I went looking for something simpler.

What I found is Congo. Congo may not be simpler, but it’s a different kind of complicated. It’s magic that I (mostly) understand.

So, I’ve installed the theme module and implementing my first round of customizations. The big change is that I show the most recent journal post on the home page. Congo is built with lots of customization options in mind, so I’m feeling pretty good about getting it to a place where I’m not annoyed all the time.

Currently, featured images are broken because (of course) Congo does them differently than earlier themes. I’ll work through fixing those soon.

If you see anything you hate or that is otherwise broken, let me know