I love Blot. It’s just right.

But you know how sometimes you just want everything on your own server where you can touch it? Where you have access to the server redirects and access logs and everything? That’s what happened to me this weekend, so I’m once again publishing using Hugo and hosting on my DigitalOcean VPS with Caddy.

Another factor driving the switch was wanting to use ox-hugo for writing posts. I know I’ve said that using Org-mode to write and then convert to Markdown for Hugo can feel like too many moving parts, but I had a nice setup going before tossing it for other platforms. It’s really easy to create new posts as new headings in my blog.org file.

Plus, I was bored this morning and had a few hours to kill, so here we are. I’m sure there will be a flurry of unwanted RSS spam due to the new redirect. Sorry about that.

I’m using a new theme, too. I’ve gone with the PaperMod theme as an alternative to the Congo theme I’d been using. I was already using PaperMod on my micro.blog, so it seemed like a natural fit. It certainly wasn’t because I stole the idea from Mike Hall’s blog1. I like it so far.

  1. Or was it? 😜 ↩︎