I restarted my Micro.blog this morning. I was feeling lonely all by myself here at baty.net, so I thought I’d revisit some old friends. I expect this will affect the types of things I post here in my daily notes, but I don’t know in what way, yet.

Micro.blog is a great blogging service, and I’ve been using it almost continually since the original Kickstarter campaign. I sometimes put the account on pause when I’m feeling Subscription Fatigue or when I’m suddenly all into some new platform or if I just don’t feel like sharing quite so much on social networks. It’s usually some combination of those three.

I haven’t decided about cross-posting yet. Micro.blog does a great job of cross-posting and I could easily use it to send posts to Bluesky or Mastodon, but I’m not sure I want to. UPDATE: I see that now I can configure cross-posting on a per-post basis, which I’d wanted forever, so I think I’ll configure both accounts and decide as I go.

I’ll be keeping the default jack.micro.blog domain name rather than my own. First, because I have no qualms about not “owning” what I post there (I own it enough). Second, the domain is perfect for what it’s for. Oh, and I don’t mind a bit of “advertising” for Micro.blog.

If you’re looking for a calm, friendly, simple way to publish short or long posts, Micro.blog fits the bill.

UPDATE May 29, 2023: I’ve decided to withdraw from social media, so my Micro.blog is on hold.