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Controversial opinion: Not everything needs to be in Markdown.

I’m looking forward to when AI becomes boring and we spend our time using it for stuff rather than talking about it incessantly.

Mimestream early impressions

I am quite enjoying Mimestream for managing email. It’s fast, looks nice, and feels good to use. However, there is one thing I miss and one thing that irritates me.

The thing I miss is smart mailboxes. I want, at minimum, a smart mailbox for “Unread”. Smart mailboxes are on the roadmap, at least.

The thing that irritates me is that when I process (Archive/Delete) a message, the message immediately below is then selected. I process my email from oldest to newest, so, from the bottom up. There’s no option to sort messages showing oldest first. I scroll down and start reading unread messages and when I hit Delete, the next older message is selected. I’ve already dealt with that one, so I’d prefer if the next newer message was selected. I either need to start at the top (newest), which I don’t want, or I have to click/move up a message every time. Drives me nuts.

Otherwise, I like Mimestream enough that I think I’ll pay for a year during the discount offer.