Spending my days far away from the incessant chattering of social media has been a welcome step in the right direction. I miss many of the people there, but I am convinced that the gains made around my mental well-being has made it worth the losses.

If Hugo theme developers would standardize the way featured images work, life would be easier for me. Or at least changing themes would be easier.

Yesterday I decided to move my PKM into TheBrain because TheBrain does a good job of letting me see connections and related thoughts. This morning, I gave up on that and went back to Emacs because I’m already sick of having to find the “right” place to put everything. It’s all so familiar. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

No more video games

It’s time to give up on playing video games. It’s not that I waste time playing games, it’s that I waste time trying (and failing) to enjoy playing games. Everyone loves games, so I figure I should too. But I don’t.

I buy every new gaming system that looks fun. Then I read all the reviews on Metacritic and listen to friends rave about the latest Zelda or whatever. Well then, I think, if it’s that good then I should play it! I buy the game, play it for an hour, become frustrated or bored, and never look at it again. This happens every time.

Yesterday, I received a physical copy of “Disco Elysium - The Final Cut” for the Switch, based on many reviews and a recommendation. I played it for less than 20 minutes before becoming bored and knowing I’d never finish it.

I feel like I’m missing out on something great, but at some point I have to admit to myself that I’m just not that into video games and that I should stop trying so hard.