has been down for going on two days now. I assume this is due to Amazon’s AWS issues over the past 24 hours. Still, it’s a bummer. As a defensive maneuver I’ve moved the site back to Hugo, at least for now.

Update: Blot is back online after the “server was caught in a deathloop”, so perhaps it had nothing to do with AWS. Still, I’m going to hang out here in Hugo for a bit.

Mike Hall is on a roll with his Denote setup. I’m following it all closely because I use a nearly identical set of tooling, except mine is not nearly as well thought out or complete as his. His latest adjustment is around org-gtd and Things. I’ve been using org-gtd for a week or so and I’m also not sure it’ll stick. Mike created a nice way to generate links between Denote notes and Things that has me thinking.

Speaking of Mike Hall, He recently posted about how he’s generating a searchable, static HTML version of his Denote notes so that he can look stuff up while on his phone. All I want from my Denote notes on iPhone is the ability to find and read them. I asked Mike to share his setup, which he kindly did. A few path tweaks and I was up and running in no time.

If y’all were born in the 50s or 60s you’d have done things exactly the same as we did. And if we were born in the 80s or 90s we’d be bitching about it, same as you. Just like your kids and/or grandkids will be bitching about all the stupid things you’re doing that will turn out to have been mistakes.

This is how too many headlines read to me:

“Court refuses to overturn rejected ruling not banning those refusing to undo denying a double negative.”