I spent (and by “spent” I mean “wasted”) an hour and a half this morning trying to get my custom delete command mapped to the “D” key in notmuch. Reading that sentence only reinforces the fact that I’ve once again lost a good portion of a day on something that would be a non-issue in anything other than Emacs. My key binding still doesn’t work. I’ve given up. Next!

I just paid $25 for 24 ePub books in the Essential Knowledge book bundle. I’ll start, ironically, with “Analog” from Robert Hassan. The bundle seems like a good deal to me.

Usually I can’t afford Glenriddance, or even the cheaper version, Glencockie.

–The Stench of Honolulu by Jack Handey

Of course it was a tragedy, but they weren’t “explorers”. They were tourists.