Looks like the RudimentaryLathe.org Ghost blog isn’t going anywhere, eh? I’m not surprised. My pointy-clicky phases are usually short-lived.

What if I were to just drop words and photos in the main content area up there on the top every day? Transient stuff that stays out of the feeds. It would be a kind of easter egg for those few souls who actually visit the site. Then, if I choose, I could move anything especially juicy into the daily post. Worth a try, I think.

Advice I am not good at following

Advice I am not good at following

Thinking is not doing.

I decided to channel my anger. And by channeling, I mean combining it with drinking.

Jack Handey, “The Stench of Honolulu”

An unscientific observation: The most creative and productive people I know don’t have a note-taking “system”. Many of them just use Apple Notes all willy nilly and never think about it.

I have notes from 10 years ago in Apple Notes. A decade of “But what if…?!” anxiety around future-proofing. I’ll probably worry about it for another 20. All this fretting feels more and more like a giant waste of time.