Occasionally I would like to send a few bucks to the author of a newsletter or blog. When I click the link in an email to their Paypal or whatever, and the request is blocked by my filters (NextDNS) due to the link using some click tracking service, as often as not I just don’t bother. I’d say it’s worth considering how much that click data is costing you.

The subtext here seems to be that Denmark doesn’t want DHH either.

“Hahahah I’m so clever, I made ChatGPT say something WRONG see how stupid the whole concept of AI is hahahaha.”

Somehow CTRL-e stopped moving the point to the end of the current line in Emacs because it’s mapped to evil-copy-from-below for some unfathomable reason. Could this be the last straw?

I’m typing this in iA Writer because it’s so damn pleasant and it never surprises me.

I have been switching between note-taking apps so frequently that I feel like I’m going to vibrate apart into tiny pieces.

When someone says, “I use photography to find beauty in the mundane.” I hear, “I don’t have any ideas so I just shoot whatever boring crap I find nearby and call it Art.”