…when I live in the same place for everything, I start feeling sort of tool-sick.

–Mike Hall, “Mingling notes and todos"

I like his phrase, “tool-sick”.

With all the huffing and proselytizing and scolding, on Mastodon specifically, I care less and less about the “Fediverse” with each passing day. I feel a little guilty about that, but feelings are feelings.

If I’m lucky, I should have around 20 good years left. Do I really want to spend them getting angry at people on social media? Or worrying about which note-taking tool I should use? Or Lightroom vs Capture One? Or WordPress vs Hugo? Really?

Unfortunately, we love to group people into generational buckets so that we can assume things about a person without actually knowing anything about them. For example, I’m technically a “Boomer” (1964, the last year). This means that I, and my generation, have destroyed the future for everyone by making the decisions we made in the world we were born into. Fine. As a result, I’ve decided to call everyone born since then “Hindsighters”.