Lots of smoke still lingering from the fires in Canada.

I spent a good chunk of this morning setting up the new Mac Mini (2014) as a Plex server. Everything seems to work, but it is pretty slow.

DHH descends

The original American promise that this is a country where you can make it regardless of where you came from has always been challenged in practice, but it’s a beautiful ideal, and it’ll shine just a little brighter now that the Supreme Court has dismantled one of the few remaining systemic impediments to its realization.

David Heinemeier Hansson, The law of the land

I don’t know if that’s the worst paragraph in DHH’s latest piece, but it’s one of them. Also maybe the one where he writes, “Like I can imagine Americans coming out of the 1950s Red Scare must have felt.” when talking about the “ideological crusade” around diversity. What a shit-heel.

I have always had questions around Affirmative Action (mostly out of ignorance), but I read his post with no small amount of anguish as (another!) of my tech heroes revealed themselves to be selfish, ignorant, racist, and wildly wrong about so many things. His increasingly disgusting political/social views have finally tainted my usual alignment with his technical opinions to such an extent that I’m no longer comfortable giving him any of my attention at all.