I’ve stopped posting to the top area of the blog during the day and am back to creating one post per day and writing everything there. I don’t know where it will land, but I didn’t like the work of moving everything every morning. Seemed like unnecessary faffing. Instead, maybe I’ll embed something from Flickr or Glass. That way I can simply replace the embed and not worry about managing image files, etc.

The Realforce R2 keyboard is very nice, but not using the HHKB is driving me nuts. I’m so used to the HHKB’s weird layout that a “normal” layout feels incredibly clumsy. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but do I even want to?

My Hugo workflow defaults to using “bundles” and therefore is optimized for including images and yet I only use images in a small percentage of posts. I think I’ll change it back to

I hate Discord, too. For anything other than gaming or small group chats, it’s useless.