sold my previous Q, a Q2 Monochrom, in spring of 2022. I was all in with the M10-R at the time, and I didn’t feel the need for another small-ish digital camera, so the Q2M was sold.

I’ve been shooting digital with a Leica SL2 since early this year. It’s a really nice camera. I had intended to make portraits of my extended family but have not done any of that yet. What I’ve been doing instead is taking random snapshots wherever I happen to be. The SL2 isn’t great for lugging around making snapshots. It’s big and heavy and not ideal for casual out-and-about shooting. I would often take my original Fuji X100 instead. The X100 is a fine camera, but is showing its age. I set out to replace it with a new X100V but the internet has gone bonkers over that camera and they are never in stock.

The thing that finally put me off the SL2 wasn’t the camera itself, it was that I really missed the APO-Summicron-SL 35mm lens. I wanted another one. And maybe the 75mm while I was at it. The Sigma lenses are very good, but still feel like a compromise. Looking at images I’d made with the APO Summicrons had me wanting another so I started shopping for used copies and realized that for the price of a used APO 35 I could almost pay for a Q2. So that’s what I did. Do you see how, in the end, I saved money? 😆

I bought a used (made in 2022) Q2 from a seller on and it should arrive on Friday.