I have now spent many hours reading about Kirby and watching videos. I’ve learned a great deal. I even built a barebones site with blog posts and camera information and a full-blown panel for managing content and uploading images. I’ve tried both the empty and the full-blown starter kits. I dig how Kirby works and I quite like managing content via the control panel, but still being able to just edit text files, etc. After all that, I’m stopping for now. There’s just too much left to do and I’m out of energy for it this weekend. I’ll keep it nearby, and maybe once Kirby 4 is released I’ll feel motivitated to finish. You see, I don’t know what it’s for. I don’t know that I have the energy to replace baty.net and move all the content and redirect the URLs and and and. I might make a photo-centric blog with it. Mostly, I started this whole thing as a way to play with Kirby. I’ve done that. I get it. Now what?