I canceled my Capture One subscription this morning, before it renewed for $180 for another year.

I hadn’t planned to do this. The plan was to cancel my Lightroom subscription ($10/month) and run with C1 for the year. Capture One has more to offer, and I like the files I get from it better than from Lightroom. So what happened?

When canceling the Lightroom subscription, I was informed that there would be an early-termination fee of $49. I’d forgotten that the $10/month subscription was subsidized by agreeing to pay for a year. They just charge me monthly. That was disappointing.

So, canceling Adobe and renewing Capture One was going to cost me $229 today. That bugged me, so I reviewed my decision to go with C1. If I’m honest, my photo processing needs are modest. I like the option for doing all sorts of fancy things, but mostly it’s a little contrast, white balance, crop, and export. LR does those things just fine.

LATER: Of course an hour after posting this, C1 offered me 30% off to re-subscribe, so I did. Then I canceled my Adobe subscription. So, the opposite of the above is what happened.