I dug through my list of subscriptions yesterday and made a few changes.

First, a couple of smaller changes. I canceled Photomator and Photo Scan. Photomator is great, and I may come to regret losing it. But for now, I don’t shoot much with my phone and if I really need to edit an image, I can send it to Affinity. Photo Scan is too expensive and I can just use Google’s version.

This one is big. As mentioned, I canceled Capture One. I’ve used C1 for years, but having both Lightroom and Capture One available forced unnecessary decisions each time I’d unload an SD card. My head knows that Lightroom is more than capable, but my heart still loves the power and flexibility of Capture One. I worry that I’ll waffle on this one, but for now, it’s just Lightroom.

Another long-time subscription for me has been the Qobuz music service. Qobuz used to be one of a very few services offering high res streaming, but I used it mostly because of it’s seamless integration with Roon. However, I already have a Spotify subscription and also Apple Music through Apple One. Music is important to me, but I find that I’m either actively listening, which usually means vinyl, or it’s just on in the background, for which any streaming service is fine. So Qobuz is gone and my Roon server only serves my local music library.

Saved myself $35/month. Time will tell if it’s worth it.