A new (old) theme for baty.net

I needed a change, so I brought the Papermod theme back.

August 16, 2023 · 72 words

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A new Hugo theme

June 20, 2023 · 63 words

Mastodon move

In mastodon technology Shutdown, Ash Furrow writes: I have sad news that I have decided to shut down the mastodon.technology instance. In accordance with the Mastodon Server Covenant, the server will be shut down no earlier than December 1, 2022. Ash Furrow I’ve been on the Mastodon.technology instance for nearly 5 years. It’s been great, but given the coming shutdown I needed to find a new instance. I almost gave up on the whole Fediverse....

October 7, 2022 · 151 words

What does RudimentaryLathe.org mean for Baty.net?

Last week I decided that I’d like to write with a bit more discipline than what I’d been doing in the journal entries, so I fired up a new Ghost instance at RudimentaryLathe.org. ...

August 22, 2022 · 251 words

Welcome to Tumblr

As much as I, ehem, LoveIt, the theme’s very theme-specific magic felt like trouble waiting to happen. And honestly, I was bored with it, so I went looking for something new. ...

July 27, 2022 · 131 words

The LoveIt theme is back

I was struggling with some recent tweaks to this blog’s theme, and while poking around I discovered that the LoveIt theme was once again being developed. I had moved to the CodeIt theme after LoveIt looked to be abandoned back in 2020. The author had simply seemed to disappear. And then, a month ago, there was this post. Since CodeIt was archived recently and development stopped, I took the opportunity to kill my fork and switch back to LoveIt....

June 26, 2022 · 162 words

Will I always be a static website person?

UPDATE June 09, 2022: This post was copied and pasted from the original WordPress post. Meta! :) I’m typing this post in the WordPress editor. I don’t enjoy writing here unless I’m adding an image gallery or some other fancy embedded content. It just feels off. “So write in MarsEdit or Ulysses or something instead,” you implore. ...

June 9, 2022 · 388 words

Bringing my Daily posts here to baty.net

Now that I’ve moved my blog back to a static site generated with Hugo, I noticed that I was writing both my Daily notes and my blog posts in side-by-side Emacs buffers. It got me thinking about consolidating my sites even further. ...

April 9, 2022 · 378 words

Adding an RSS feed to my wiki

TiddlyWiki is a single static HTML file. It does not generate an RSS feed of new entries. It doesn’t generate anything. I treat my wiki at wiki.baty.net more like a blog than a wiki, so not having an RSS feed feels like an omission. Most of the time I consider this to be a feature. I like that I can write any old nonsense and it doesn’t actively go out and bother anyone....

March 10, 2022 · 499 words

The Daily Notes Dilemma

TL;DR: daily.baty.net. You see, I have a nice wiki, and for a couple of years, I have written a new entry in it (nearly) every day. These “daily notes” have been interspersed and interlinked with the rest of the wiki’s content. It works, but I don’t love it. Writing in TiddlyWiki is fine. It’s super easy, but it’s also a little clunky, which quickly becomes friction. And the experience for visitors is weird if you’re not familiar with TiddlyWiki....

February 26, 2022 · 360 words

Domain Consolidation (Continued)

Remember when all I planned to do was to put all of my blogs under one domain and that was it? I’d still have all the same blogs, but they were going to live under a bunch of something.baty.net subdomains. Well, I got carried away. I brought back baty.net as a blog (WordPress) and migrated all of my recent Write.as posts and imported everything from Copingmechanism.com. I am once again living at baty....

February 23, 2022 · 152 words

Domain Consolidation

I’ve been feeling a need to simplify things and I’ve decided that one of those things is my domain names. My days of hoarding domain names, just in case, are drawing to a close. I don’t want the hassle of managing a bunch of zones and I don’t need the fees. To that end, I’m working toward moving everything to subdomains of baty.net. I’ve already moved my wiki from rudimentarylathe.wiki to rl....

February 23, 2022 · 235 words

Programming Note: 2021.12.27

My dream is to maintain my writing in one place. Unfortunately, I enjoy tinkering with different publishing tools so much that I have never been able to choose a single platform and stick with it. I’m going to try focusing my writing here at copingmechanism.com for a while and see if I can live here. This means baty.blog is on hold for the time being. One thing I wanted here was a theme that wasn’t quite so overwrought as “Hive”....

December 27, 2021 · 219 words

A Broader Scope

Copingmechanism.com has alternated between being a general purpose blog and being a photography-only blog. It’s been mostly photography for months now, but I’m thinking of expanding the scope to include, well, everything I want to write about. If I were a real photographer, it might make sense to have a blog dedicated to “My Work” but I’m just a putterer. I’m guessing that very few people who visit this blog do so because it’s only about my photographs, and so they shouldn’t mind if I write about other things here as well....

November 28, 2021 · 95 words

Another attempt and having One True Blog

I am once again having thoughts about only maintaining One True Blog™. I know, it’s just another mood and it’ll probably change, but as I wrote a few days ago, I don’t feel like blogging lately. I’m wondering if this is partially because I’m exhausted by the decisions around publishing. Just last week I moved my other blog at baty.blog from Blot to Micro.blog and back again. This meant switching from using Emacs to edit posts to MarsEdit (and back)....

March 30, 2021 · 162 words