Subscription changes

Canceling things brings mixed feelings

January 10, 2024 · 247 words

App Launchers

Mike mentions disabling Alfred and going back to using Spotlight as an app launcher. I’ve been having similar thoughts. I use Raycast, and its latest release notes are mostly around features of the $8/month subscription version. I thought, there’s no way I’m paying monthly for what’s basically a glorified app launcher, which brought me back to thinking about Spotlight. My first app launcher was Quicksilver and it immediately became an intregal part of using a Mac....

October 19, 2023 · 233 words

Creating new Hugo posts using Emacs but with an option to use bundles

A lisp function for generating either Page Bundles or normal Markdown files when creating new Hugo posts.

October 7, 2023 · 370 words

Images in Hugo RSS feeds

How to fix URLs in RSS feeds when using relative paths in page bundles in Hugo

October 6, 2023 · 457 words

Links that look like links

Links should looks like link. Let’s bring back blue and purple.

September 30, 2023 · 103 words

RSS as security risk?

While looking for a way to enable xmlrpc in this Siteground-hosted WordPress installation, I ran into this: RSS continues to struggle with maintaining traction, and this doesn’t help.

September 29, 2023 · 28 words

Grab the weather forecast using

I like to record the weather in my journals. For several years, I’ve used via curl. Recently, wttr is often unreachable or throws errors, so I took a look at Designed for developers by developers, Weather API is the ultimate weather and geolocation API The free account limits are generous, so I created an account. The default JSON results are very thorough. I created a little shell script that uses jq to parse the JSON and returns only the high/low temps and a text summary of the forecast:...

September 26, 2023 · 172 words

A Remarkable Tablet

I was skeptical about this tablet’s ability to replace paper. I needn’t have been. It’s a terrific paper notebook replacement.

February 21, 2021 · 754 words


The Pi-hole was great, but NextDNS makes more sense for me.

January 30, 2021 · 295 words

Twtxt and

I’ve played on and off with twtxt a little and keep the feed out here: Here’s a snippet of my old twtxt.txt file… 2017-10-15T08:45:06-04:00 Hello, this is a test from twtxt 2017-10-15T08:54:53-04:00 Testing the post_tweet_hook to see that it copies the file to my server 2017-10-15T09:11:16-04:00 Moving my public twtxt.txt to because it seems fitting there 2017-10-15T16:24:10-04:00 Fun with text tools today 2017-10-16T07:17:40-04:00 Good morning, several people! It’s a fun, simple idea; just a text file as social media feed....

January 30, 2021 · 353 words

Apps I'm using this week

Trying some new things this week, app-wise.

January 25, 2021 · 420 words

I can't decide about self-hosting

Should I host my own stuff or not?

January 19, 2021 · 324 words