Apple Studio Display

I splurged on a new Apple Studio Display for my home office. It’s only been 24 hours but I couldn’t be happier. I wish it wasn’t so expensive. Even the “base” model is too expensive. And no way I’m paying another $400 just so I can adjust the height. That pisses me off a little, but the display is gorgeous, so all is forgiven. Here’s why I bought one: My 32-inch LG was too big....

September 24, 2022 · 219 words

AirPods Max are amazing but I kind of hate them

I’ve had a pair of Apple’s AirPods Max for almost exactly one year. The headphones look nice and sound very good, but I don’t enjoy using them. I’ve been thinking about why that is, and came up with the following list. There’s no Off button. I hate this. I don’t use them every day, and if I don’t remember to either plug them in or put them in the case (for “low power mode” or whatever it is), the batteries are often dead when I go to use them....

May 10, 2022 · 316 words

Comments on the Safari 15 beta

Riccardo Mori has a few comments on the beta of Safari 15 showed up. Here’s one: In other words, what a browser needs is horizontal breathing room, instead we have Apple doing things backwards, sacrificing horizontal space to give us what, 28 more vertical pixels? @morrick I can’t begin to describe how deeply I dislike the new tab handling in Safari 15.

June 19, 2021 · 63 words

The M1 iMacs: Unnecessarily thin – Riccardo Mori

Riccardo Mori: But this review was underwhelming and, as I commented on Twitter, with unusual fanboyish tones I’ve never really detected in his past product reviews. I notice that when someone agrees with a review, it’s “thoughtful and detailed.” When one disagrees, however, it’s “a brief from Apple’s marketing department”.

May 24, 2021 · 50 words

A headroom so high you’ll never see it again – Riccardo Mori

Software-wise, this incredibly powerful iPad is as capable as a 2014 iPad Air 2 (the oldest iPad model that can run iPadOS 14). There is still, in my opinion, a substantial software design gap preventing iPads from being as flexible as they are powerful. Software-wise, iPadOS still lacks flow. Don’t wave Shortcuts in my face as a way of objecting. Shortcuts are a crutch. A good one, no doubt, but a crutch nonetheless....

May 2, 2021 · 123 words

The iPod Classic (revisited)

GQ told me that Now Is a Great Time to Go Back to an Old iPod and I believed them, so I bought one. This is a 7th-gen iPod Classic fitted with a custom board and 256GB flash storage. I got it from PiratePTiPods on Etsy. I admit it was a bit of an impulse buy, but after a week of use I’m glad I have it. I’ve loaded it with a bunch of my favorite songs, and have not yet run out of things to listen to....

October 23, 2020 · 242 words