Roll-058: (OM-2n/TMAX-100)

I ran a roll of TMAX-100 through the Olympus OM-2n. As always, I had the lovely 85mm Zuiko attached. This time, I also strapped on the flash. Olympus OM-2n with flash. (Leica Q2 Monochrom) It was not a successful roll. Maybe three images were salvageable. Why did it have to be shots like this? Making dinner. (Olympus OM-2n. Zuiko 85mm f/2. TMAX-100.) Or this one of Charlie, which was typically mis-focused....

February 24, 2022 · 87 words

Roll-056: (Leica M6/HP5)

This roll was mostly me plinking around the house trying to get through a roll in the M6 before the MP is back from Leica. I love the 50mm Summilux very much.

February 19, 2022 · 32 words