Roll-062 (Leica M3/T-MAX P3200)

I normally don’t like the high-speed films but I’m trying to use what’s in my fridge, so here’s a few from a roll of Kodak T-MAX P3200 shot at 1600 and processed in HC-100. ...

April 3, 2022 · 40 words

Roll-049: (Leica M3/HP5 Plus)

Once it a while, a 50mm lens on the Leica M3 is exactly the right thing. I finished the roll and had a ball doing it. Nothing great came out of it, but sometimes that happens. Gail Steve at Hopcat with gift cards Moccamaster Self-portrait with M3 Alice

January 2, 2022 · 48 words

From Roll 2021-026 (Leica M3/HP5 Plus)

The Leica M3 is The One, when it comes to the Leica M line. I love it so. The higher-magnification viewfinder makes it easier to focus longer lenses, so I sometimes mount the Elmarit 90mm and it’s a fine combination. A few here are using the 90mm. The others are using the Summicron-M 50mm (v4). P The roll of HP5 Plus was processed in HC-110 (Dilution B) and scanned with SilverFast on the V750....

August 26, 2021 · 74 words

From Roll 2021-011

These are all taken with the Leica M3 on HP5+ and were processed in HC-110 Dilution B. I’m pretty sure I used the Elmarit-M 90mm f2.8 for the entire roll.

July 7, 2021 · 30 words