Roll-056: (Leica M6/HP5)

This roll was mostly me plinking around the house trying to get through a roll in the M6 before the MP is back from Leica. I love the 50mm Summilux very much.

February 19, 2022 · 32 words

From Roll 043: (Leica M6/Portra 400)

I finally finished the roll that’s been idling in the M6 for a couple of months. I took it out of the camera only to discover it was a roll of Portra 400. Color, dammit. I didn’t have any fresh chemicals. The only reason I have some C-41 mixed is that I’ve been too lazy to dispose of it. Screw it, I thought, and fired up the JOBO anyway. Surprisingly, they didn’t end up blank or completely unusable....

November 25, 2021 · 158 words

From Roll 2021-027 (Leica M6/Porta)

I exercised the M6 by running a roll of Portra 400 through it, as it’s been dormant since I bought the MP. This was self-processed in Cinestill C-41 chemistry using the JOBO. Scanned on the V750 and processed in Lightroom with the Negative Lab Pro plugin.

September 7, 2021 · 46 words

From Roll 2021-016 (Tri-X in Leica M6)

Now that I have my dream MP, I should probably sell the M6. If I do, this will have been the last roll I shot with it.

July 18, 2021 · 27 words

From Roll 2021-010

Leica M6, HP5+. HC-110 (dilution B). Scanned on V750 with Silverfast. Processed with Negative Lab Pro

July 6, 2021 · 16 words

A few from Roll-004

I haven’t been using film much this year, but once in a while it’s fun to get out and shoot a roll. I took the M6 out yesterday and finally finished the roll of HP5+ that I’d loaded into it a month ago. Here are a few from the roll. Most of these were shot while out walking around the neighborhood. Sorry, images were lost during a website move

April 16, 2021 · 69 words